Skirt steak fajitas. 5/31/19

John and I went back and forth over whether we would be making tacos (me) or fajitas (John).  In the end we decided on fajitas since we have not had them recently. We found a recipe for fajita seasoning (there are plenty on the internet) which tasted non-standard to me. I think it was because it had Worcestershire sauce in it. I am more a fan of the McCormack packet flavor.  As usual I cooked the vegetables (onions and bell peppers) and John cooked the meat and we served the fajitas with some cilantro, lime, and a dollop of sour cream.

Skirt steak fajitas

When serving it is important to remember to cut the skirt steak against the grain. Otherwise it will be tough. John cut the long strip of skirt steak into four pieces of about 5 inches and then  I cut them into strips against the grain after they were cooked.

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