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🐂 Tex-Mex-Grex. 1/30/20

A few weeks ago we bought a flank steak and used half of it grilled. Tonight with the other half we made steak fajitas. This entree was accompanied by a salad. Our daughter came into the kitchen and said, “Why … Continue reading

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🍗 Costco rotisserie chicken=chicken fajitas

We are going on our second meal from the Costco rotisserie chicken.  They are only $4.99 and are really big! The chicken has also tided us over in the late afternoon when we have needed a little protein to make … Continue reading

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Skirt steak fajitas. 5/31/19

John and I went back and forth over whether we would be making tacos (me) or fajitas (John).  In the end we decided on fajitas since we have not had them recently. We found a recipe for fajita seasoning (there … Continue reading

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Fry bread and fajitas. 6/13/18

On Wednesday we took the family to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It is exceptional and we were happy to give the kids a chance to see it. For lunch we ate in the dining room of the … Continue reading

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Pasta, fajitas, burger, all American!

Notice that I did not use All-American. Why? Because all these foods are mainstream American fare. What a boon to get up each day and decide what type of cuisine you want to eat and then run out to your … Continue reading

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Fajitas and fixins’ – 2/16/17

I am still trying to use up stuff in the refrigerator. We have so many tortillas! They don’t come in a package size for two people who don’t eat tortillas every night!! After tonight we will have fewer. I am … Continue reading

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Chicken fajitas – 10/10/16

Mexico is our first stop on our culinary tour. We all pitched in to prepare the dinner.  Jon and John worked on the meat and vegetables for the fajitas and I made the beans and rice. Here’s my two favorite … Continue reading

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