Fry bread and fajitas. 6/13/18

On Wednesday we took the family to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. It is exceptional and we were happy to give the kids a chance to see it.

A view from the north rim of the Grand Canyon

For lunch we ate in the dining room of the North Rim Lodge. On the advice of our waitperson we ordered elk chili in a fry bread taco. Fry bread is a flat bread dough that is fried. The dish got varying reviews from the table. Son thought his was great while I was less enthused. This is probably because mine was cold. I think I must have gotten the last of some pot.

Fry bread taco. Picture thanks to Cooking Classy.

Later we stayed over in Kanab, UT. Although dining choices there are limited, there are a few vegetarian restaurants and some Mexican restaurants. Due to our mixed party we went to the Escobar’s Mexican Restaurant. It was very good. John and I both ordered beef fajitas. I managed to transfer two of my three tortillas to my grandson, Sam, and my son. There was definitely plenty to eat.

Beef fajitas. Picture thanks to


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