Beef overload. 6/14 & 15/18

We have been eating way more beef than usual since the family is visiting. Thursday and Friday were no exception. Thursday we ate at a nice restaurant nearby. The whole event was almost derailed since one of our grandsons has a peanut allergy and at first it seemed like he would not be able to eat anything kid-friendly on the menu. After some serious discussion with the waitstaff and cook it seemed that there were no dishes containing peanuts and no peanut oil is used. Crisis averted!

I ordered steak following Utah rules. In other words don’t order anything in a Utah restaurant with an elaborate preparation. Kill cow, cook cow, eat cow is our mantra. Along with the dead cow I also got a dead baked potato cooked some time in the last decade and a few limp “seasonal” vegetables.

NY strip steak with old potato and seasonal vegetables

On Friday we cooked at home and had our son’s favorite, meatballs with gravy over noodles and green beans. The kids did not like it. It is hard to find something that everyone likes. Tomorrow the three adults are having fried scallops and the kids are having macaroni and cheese. Divide and conquer!

Meatballs and gravy over noodles with green beans

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