Two fancy-ish dinners in a row. 6/16 & 17/18

The last two dinners with our visiting family had some pretty high-end ingredients-dry packed scallops and prime ribeye cap steaks. Since we were serving children as well as our son, we made them in a not haute cuisine way. Tater tots were a prominent ingredient and some food was fried. The kids really like to eat sweets so these dinners fell mostly on deaf palates. I gave them macaroni and cheese again on scallop night. On our farewell dinner night they avoided the meat but did try the roasted broccoflower which they said was good. At some point they will want to try new things!

Fried scallops, tater tots, collard greens and corn

Rib eye cap steak, tater tots, roasted broccoflower

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