Stretching our food budget. 7/10/19

Yesterday John worked at his office which meant over an hour commute home.  So often on these days the original plans for dinner go out the window and we pretty much just scrounge around in the refrigerator figuring out something interesting to eat. We had enough leftover beef stew maybe for a lunch but not enough for dinner.

Here’s what we had left of our original beef stew – one piece of meat, a couple of potato pieces, lots of carrots, not much celery, and plenty of gravy.

Leftover beef stew

I still had some of the small new potatoes and celery. So while the pot of leftover stew was heating up I cut up and cooked a handful of small potatoes and a couple of stalks of celery in the microwave and put them in the pot. I also had a four inch piece turkey sausage. So I cut that up and let the whole thing cook together for 15 minutes.

For serving I toasted a piece of bread and put it in the the bottom of each bowl and then ladled my Franken-stew on top. There was enough that John even had two helpings. The turkey sausage was a little weird. I think I could have opened a can of chickpeas and stuck them in instead. I’ll remember that for next time.

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