Mediterranean salad. 8/10/19

We have all sorts of tomatoes covering the kitchen table. There are large ones and petite cherries, plus all sorts of colors, green, purple, yellow, orange, and red. It is hard to keep up with this onslaught! We are giving them away and sadly putting a few in the compost bin. Tonight I made a big Mediterranean salad to use some of them.

Mediterranean salad

My salad consists of one enormous Aunt Ruby’s German Green, a dark red Paul Robeson, and the cherries, yellow Sungold, orange Lollipop, and purple Black Cherry. After seeding the cucumber I decided to leave the skin on for a little crunch and cut it into half moons. For some saltiness and zing I added pepperoncini, scallions, and Castelvoltrano olives. The whole thing is dressed with our Arbequina olive oil and a bourbon balsamic vinegar that I picked up last week during our Sonoma wine tasting jaunt. Feta cheese dots the top.

To accompany our salad John made grilled chicken thighs and I rustled up some tater tots (always a favorite.) It was a perfect summer’s night dinner.

Mediterranean salad, grilled chicken breast, and tater tots

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