Less cooking. 8/16-17/19

I am running out of steam for doing actual cooking at the end of this week. Maybe it is the hot weather that has gotten to me. On Thursday we were supposed to have chicken on the grill but John said he was not going to go out in the 100+ degree weather and stand over a hot grill cooking chicken. So the chicken went into the freezer to be grilled another day. While we were in the freezer we pulled out the MichelAngelo’s frozen eggplant parmesan, microwaved it for 20 minutes and had a no mess, no cook dinner. Keeping an emergency dinner in the freezer is a good idea!

MichelAngelo’s frozen eggplant parmesan with a fresh tomato, basil, and tomato salad

Saturday’s dinner fare is influenced by our son coming over for some tennis with John and lunch with his sister and us. That means a bigger lunch than usual which leads to a smaller dinner.

After throwing out a number of options, John and I settle for an appetizer type dinner—bruschetti, one of tuna salad and one of cherry tomatoes with basil. I love dinners like this! It is like you are having a party and there is no heavy hunk of meat or starch afterward.

Bruschetti of tuna salad and cherry tomatoes with basil

Although I cannot tell you the exact quantities of what I put in my tuna salad, these are the ingredients.

Marymom’s tuna salad

1 5 oz. can water packed tuna
olive oil
light mayonnaise
chopped fresh parsley
sweet relish
lemon juice
thinly sliced scallions
dash of salt

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