A really ugly looking dinner. 8/20/19

We have a lot of Aunt Ruby’s German Green tomatoes so I made tomato sauce. About two weeks ago I ruined it by putting in red tomato paste turning it into brown sludge. Why not make my own tomato paste out of green tomatoes and then I could have this brilliant green sauce. Well, no. That is not how it works.

Just cooking the tomatoes makes them kind of pea green.

Cooked green tomato pulp, not too pretty

Then when I slowly (for 8 hours!) boiled down some of the sauce to make tomato paste it ended up looking like this.

Ugly green-ish tomato paste

After I put in the browned meat it got even worse!

Horrible looking meat sauce

However, since I had spent the better part of a day making this monstrosity we were definitely going to eat it! Once it was on the pasta the color seemed to disappear and it did not look nearly as bad. Our daughter pointed out, though, that it also had no tomato flavor. I have two containers in the freezer and once those are gone, no more green spaghetti sauce!

Finished product—no green color and no tomato taste


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