🍗 Costco rotisserie chicken=chicken fajitas

We are going on our second meal from the Costco rotisserie chicken.  They are only $4.99 and are really big! The chicken has also tided us over in the late afternoon when we have needed a little protein to make it through to dinner without snacking. Plus after we have eaten tonight’s dinner there will still be enough left for John’s lunch tomorrow and our daughter’s dinner. Wow, what a bargain!

I sliced up some onions and bell peppers which John sautéed before adding the shredded chicken breast. Then he added a packet of fajita mix and some water.

Chicken fajita mixture on the stove

We served the chicken fajitas taco style with charred corn tortillas and crema made out of Greek yogurt, salt, and cumin. This great dinner which was only 5 WW points per serving did not taste anything like dieting!

Chicken fajitas

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