Leftovers For Dinner. 12/17/20

It is one of those weeks where you become so busy that just grabbing something out of the fridge seems like the best way to get dinner on the table. Luckily we have a lot of leftovers this week, enough for LFD on Thursday and more LFD on Saturday.

Lentil and chickpea soup

This is a combination of Chana dal from Monday which was pretty soupy to begin with and the lentils and turkey sausage from Wednesday. It is not pretty but it was tasty and filling. I thought it was a bit too sweet so I fixed it by using one of my secret weaopons, fish sauce. Salty and bitter, fish sauce fixes too-sweet in a few drops along with giving the whole dish a depth of flavor. Don’t go over board with it, though, or else your dinner will end up smelling like fish!

We have defrosted the shrimp so we are going to have to use them on Friday in Shrimp Scampi and omit the salmon for this week. As we get closer to Christmas I imagine that there will be a lot of re-jiggering the menu as I am busily wrapping presents and do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

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