Instant Pot pigeon peas ala Chana dal. 7/31/20

Pigeon peas ala Chana dal with spinach and peanuts

When we went to India Bazaar we got a very large bag of dried pigeon peas (toor dal). There are not too many toor dal recipes so we decided to prepare them much the same as we do Chana dal which uses dried chickpeas. However, as we came to find out, pigeon peas do not hold on to their texture in the Instant Pot even though we hadn’t soaked them. So we ended up with tasty mush.

Not to be deterred we added a bunch of spinach and a handful of peanuts to give the dish some crunch. I also extended my half cup of rice with half cup cauliflower rice which has some crunch as well. We ended up enjoying our dinner but I do not think we will cook pigeon peas ala Chana dal again!

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