Breakfast For Dinner (BFD) 10/11/20

My love affair with soft scrambled eggs goes back to a trip several years ago to Vienne, France. Michelin-starred Chef Henriroux at La Pyramide Hotel likes to come down to the kitchen some mornings and make breakfast. His eggs cook low and slow with constant agitation producing creamy small curds.

Actual soft scrambled eggs by Chef Henriroux

Of course I am not patient enough to cook the eggs so slowly or to whisk constantly. Every time, though, when I scramble an egg, I always think about those beautiful scrambled eggs.

Tonight’s not perfect scrambled eggs are joined on the plate with a tarragon, cucumber, onion, and tomato salad and a piece of rye toast (unbuttered).

Scrambled eggs, tarragon tomato and cucumber salad, and rye toast

My mother would always say, I will never make you kids eat cereal for dinner (although we were secretly wishing for just that). But here in my adult life I am serving breakfast for dinner once a week.

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