Pan-seared salmon, cauli-rice, broccoli. 11/17/20

Pan-seared salmon, cauliflower rice/white rice mix, broccoli

We were going for quick, nutritious, and delicious tonight and hit that trifecta of speedy, healthful, and yummy. John had made a bunch of rice on Monday to use during the week so all I had to do was mix in some seasoned cauliflower rice and warm it up in the microwave. Using half white rice and half cauliflower rice means I can have a larger portion and fewer calories. Win-win! The salmon took 5 minutes to cook and I cut the broccoli up in fairly small pieces so it would cook in about the same time as the fish. I finished my plate with a mustard sauce which consisted of mustard, sweetener, and water.

This was really some delicious fast food!

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