Pan-seared scallops with rice and snow peas. 11/24/20

Scallops with rice and snow peas and a parsley-caper sauce

Yum, scallops! John does such an incredible job cooking them and they are just so sweet and tender. He lets our cast iron pan heat for five minutes with just minimal oil and then the cooking process also takes about five minutes. Cook them on one side until there is a nice sear, turn them over, and then finish cooking for a minute or so until they are just barely cooked through. Is there anything sadder than an overcooked scallop?! It is a waste of a beautiful product.

Along with my usual cauliflower rice/white rice mix and sautéed snow peas, I made a kind of loose parsley and caper tartar-ish sauce. John pronounced it delish! Ingredients are light mayo, yellow mustard, parsley, capers, a little olive oil, lemon juice, red onion, a splash of water, salt, pepper, and sriracha. Just keep tasting it until you like it!

Wednesday’s dinner will just be a simple lentil dish with more rice mix and some spinach as we prepare for our Thursday Thanksgiving feast. Preparations have been going on for several days! I hope our pandemic Thanksgiving and yours will be filled with wonderful food and memories.

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