Thanksgiving feast! 11/26/20

Although we were just three people (our household), we had a lovely Thanksgiving full of all the foods we like best. Of course, not having eaten rich foods for over a year, dining royally meant that I felt sick all night, slept little, and gained weight (but actually less than a pound.) Here is what we had—

Our dinner table with our daughter’s homemade rolls and potato casserole

Cranberry chutney- bittersweet with a touch of spice. John called it the star of the dinner.

Delicious roasted creamed onions

Brussels sprouts lined up and ready to be cooked with some butter and dry sherry

Duck breasts that John cooked perfectly. Hey, Pilgrims did not live on turkey alone!

A picture of my plate which includes chipotle spiced roasted butternut squash

Warm Indian pudding with melting vanilla ice cream, not the traditional pumpkin pie. Warm and bittersweet against cold and sweet, divine!

We managed to touch all our Thanksgiving bases for just the three of us. We were thankful that everyone in our family has stayed healthy and that we are without the food insecurity that is ravaging the US. John was great and did the dishes. We ate at 3 PM and managed to stay awake until 8 PM. It was a lot easier cooking for three than ten but we missed the hubbub and companionship. Next year hopefully we will all be vaccinated and celebrating together!

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