Shrimp biryani, basmati rice, broccoli. 11/30/20

Shrimp biryani, basmati rice, and broccoli

John and I (mostly John) have not made this dish lately. John was looking through the freezer and happened upon a bag of curry leaves. We decided that I had gotten them from the Asian grocery before the pandemic and that we had them for shrimp biryani.

The original recipe makes this in the Instant Pot with ginormous shrimp. It is at pressure for only three minutes but it was too long for our 21-25 shrimp. So John decided to just cook the whole thing on the stovetop. First he sautéed the vegetables and spices followed by a quick sear on the shrimp. Then the rice, water, and tomatoes go in for 20 or so minutes and then the shrimp on top for a couple of minutes to finishing cooking.

I microwaved some cauliflower rice so I could mix it in with basmati rice for a bigger portion. I also sautéed the broccoli with a little faux butter.

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