Memories of Bari, Italy. 12/1/20

Along with my food blog I have another blog which chronicles our travels and important moments in our lives. We were scrolling through the various entries and came upon a trip that included an unplanned stop in Bari in October, 2011. (This is the place we were supposed to visit with our daughter this year to celebrate her birthday. Sigh.) Included in the pictures is a dish I had at one of our favorite restaurants, Giampolo. It is orecchiette with turnip greens and stems. Here is the picture I took of it.

Orecchiette with turnip greens and stems

You can find versions of this dish all over southern Italy. The orecchiette is always the pasta but the vegetable changes. It is usually some sort of bitter green. The version I made has broccolini, a lot less olive oil, and cremini mushrooms to make it hardier.

Orecchiette with broccolini and mushrooms

Even though we have not been able to travel this year, it is nice to eat this pasta dish which evokes such fond memories.

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