Easy tostada. 12/30/20

Chicken and bean tostada with fixins’

Our nearby Costco has 2 pound bags of boneless rotisserie chicken breasts. I assume that the leftover rotisserie chickens get taken apart for more revenue producing products. Once I am home with my bag of chicken I divide it into 4 smaller bags and freeze it. Whenever I need chicken for soup or sandwiches, or tacos and tostadas it is ready to thaw and use.

John chars the corn tortillas over the open flame of the stove, I cut up tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and cilantro, and heat up the chicken that I have shredded slowly in some jarred salsa verde. The black beans are drained and rinsed and go into a pot with canned Rotel (spicy tomatoes and jalapeños.) Once everything is heated through, it is just a matter of John and I assembling own own taco or tostada. Easy-peasey.

This is the third in my series of colorful dinners it’s week with textural differences, and a combination of warm and cool ingredients. These easy, tasty, and colorful dinners are sure to please most families.

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