Salmon, butternut squash, green beans. 1/22/21

Pan-roasted salmon, oven roasted butternut squash, and sautéed green beans

As the weekdays approach the weekend, the dinners get easier. As you know John and I cook relentlessly except when we are on vacation (remember vacations?!) By Fridays we are pretty much cooked out and are looking forward to some easy meals. Salmon takes about three minutes in a hot pan so when the vegetables are almost done I tell John “go!” And he quickly cooks the fish. Easy peasey.

I peeled and cubed the butternut squash, tossed it in some olive oil, salt, and nutmeg and roasted it in the oven at 400F for about 40 minutes. I think 35 minutes would have been perfect as some of the pieces came out a little crispy. I left the skin on the bulbous part for the first time and can report that it was fine. The skin is thicker than the surrounding flesh but totally edible.

My technique for the beans is to start them in a little water and a teaspoon or two of butter and some salt. Cover and let them cook for a few minutes until they are almost done. Uncover and the water evaporates and the beans fry a little bit in the butter. Yum!

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