LFD Chana dal with cauli-rice and kale. 1/23/21

When we made our Chana dal on Meatless Monday we made extra because John said he wanted to have some for lunch during the week. Since he did not follow through on eating it for lunches, we had plenty of it and rice to have a very easy Leftovers For Dinner (LFD) Saturday.

Chana dal leftovers with cauliflower rice and kale

We added a little more broth to the pot since the split chickpeas had been busy sopping up the liquid in the dish while they waited for us to eat them. I think on Monday I had mixed greens and this time it was straight kale. I did cut the cauliflower rice with a little regular white rice to give it more chew. Once again I finished my bowl with sriracha for a spicy/sweet kick.

And guess what? We still have enough leftover for John to have a lunch or two out of the leftover leftovers!

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