Greens, eggs, no ham. 1/31/21

Kale, broccoli, onions, crumbled veggie patty, cabbage, and mushrooms with paprika scrambled eggs

I really like eggs. I could eat them for a lunch. I could eat them in a bunch. I could eat them for a dinner. I like eggs. They are a winner.

Seriously, eggs are a very versatile component in any meal, not just breakfast. You can hard boil them for an egg salad lunch sandwich. You can put them in a Chinese fried rice for dinner. Eggs and vegetables were my choice for BFD (Breakfast For Dinner) this week. I sprinkled them with a bit of paprika for a different flavor and put them in the center of a ring of sautéed vegetables. It’s important to keep your dinners visually interesting as well as tasty.

For the zillionth time in a row, John had an omelet for his BFD. He makes it with ham, scallions, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese.

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