Country winner, Thailand! Tom Yum Soup. 3/26/21

This favorite in Thailand is a great low calorie, healthy soup. Here is a link to the recipe I used. There are two recipes included one for the brothy soup that I made and another for a creamy soup.

First you make the broth which is basically the shells from shrimp, water, and a little stock (we used clam broth that comes in a bottle.) We save our shells from shrimp dinners in the freezer so there is enough when the need arises for a fish stock. You could probably use straight clam juice or chicken stock in a pinch. Steep bashed up, lemongrass, garlic, chiles, and ginger in the simmering water and shells for 10 minutes. You are also supposed to put in Kaffir lime leaves but we could not find any and so used lime zest.

After straining your stock you add tomatoes, onions, mushrooms, and lastly shrimp. To give it a Thai flavor you use a combination of sugar, fish sauce, and lime juice. You just need to adjust the ratios until you get the flavor you like.

Thanks to all the people of Thailand for stopping by my site and givng me the impetus to try something new!

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