Southwest salad. 6/18/21

Salad featuring chicken, corn, black beans, olives, green onions, salsa, pepitas, dried cranberries, and greens

It is still quite hot here, maybe not quite as hot as yesterday, but still a salad kind of dinner day. This spicy chicken salad is one of our go-tos when the weather demands a no-cook dinner. I buy pulled chicken breast from Costco in 2 lb. blocks and use it for sandwiches at lunch, salads, and even a hot dish of chicken in gravy with mashed potatoes or squash, and a green vegetable. I freeze half of each pack and then thaw it when we have finished eating the first half. Rather than going to a restaurant or getting take-out, I know I will always be able to rustle up some sort of dinner from my pantry and fridge.

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