Father’s Day celebration. 6/19/21

We had a family cookout on Saturday in honor of our two dads, John and our son. The grandkids were excited to have “Zayde burgers” and we had some tasty salads and a banana cake (made by me!) with vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries.

On Sunday our daughter made her dad a boule of soda bread with caraway seeds and raisins. So far today we have managed only to eat half of it. We have shown great restraint.

I had my burger as a lettuce wrap (photo credit http://www.mantitlement.com)
Along with potato salad I made Texas Caviar, a salad of beans and vegetables with a salsa flavor that goes well with tortilla chips.
Banana cake with ice cream and strawberries
Soda bread with raisins and caraway seeds
Slice of soda bread
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