Split chickpea stew (Chana dal) with rice and kale 7/22/21

Split chickpea stew with rice and kale

This is another lesson in how to stretch your dinner intake. Along with cooking the chickpeas in the Instant Pot I also added the stems from the kale. John made some rice and I combined my half cup of white rice with a half cup of cauliflower rice. I also added a layer of kale leaves which wilted between the heat of the rice on the bottom and the chickpea stew on top. Finally it is topped off with some cilantro and sriracha to give it some zing.

We made extra so that we could have the chickpea stew again on Saturday. In case I don’t feel like cooking on Saturday, no worries!

I have posted the recipe for Chana dal on an earlier blog post. https://wordpress.com/post/dininglite.blog/9535

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