Beyond Meat burger, potato, salad. 8/11/21

Today’s hot weather dinner was another foray into plant-based burgers. Last week we tried Morningstar’s Incogmeato and our reaction was meh. The Beyond Meat burger was better especially if you like well-done burgers. For those of us who like our hamburgers medium rare it was less successful. John said he still would prefer a real meat burger and I still prefer a veggie burger that tastes like vegetables.

Open-faced grilled Beyond Meat burger, grilled russet potato half, and salad

The majority of cooking was done outside on the grill so inside stayed cooler. I cooked the potato through in the microwave and then John finished it on the grill. I ate my dinner with a knife and fork instead of picking up the burger and eating it out of hand. It takes me much longer to eat this way and gives my brain a chance to realize that I am full. (A little veteran dieter tip!) The salad was good with some cherry tomatoes fresh from our daughter’s garden. All in all it was an okay dinner.

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