Breakfast for dinner (BFD) 10/17/21

Scrambled eggs, veggie patty, rye toast

Usually I make something more exotic with my Sunday BFD but these are lean times (as in I am in full dieting mode.) I am happy to report that I have lost almost 5 lbs of my vacation weight. Positive results make it easier to continue on. I know the next 5lbs will not be as easy and make take a few weeks. Soldier on! I say to myself.

I made 2 eggs, scrambled, for my egg portion. I like my eggs softly scrambled and am often disappointed by eggs you get at a restaurant. The veggie patty takes a minute in the microwave. I actually start the toast before anything else. It takes the longest!

You might ask how I can eat dry toast? Eating foods without added butter or mayo or sauces actually lets you taste the food itself. Plus if you eat a bite of toast and then a bite of egg or veg patty, it is kind of like having some sort of topping. At the end of the day shaving off these little bits of calories makes a difference.

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