Grilled flank steak, grilled potato, Brussels sprouts

Tonight was one of the rare nights when we have red meat. John heavily seasoned the flank steak and then grilled it for six minutes. I microwaved the potato halves and then handed them off to him for a final charring on the grill. While he was outside taking care of that part of dinner I made what my family calls IYBS, Incredibly Yummy Brussels Sprouts.

My special sprouts are cut in half and put cut side down in a pan with a little water, a sprinkling of sugar, salt, and with butter dotting the top. Put the lid on and cook until almost tender. Uncover, and when the water is nearly evaporated, add a little dry sherry. Then the sherry evaporates and the Brussel sprouts caramelize on the cut side in the remaining essence of sherry, sugar, and butter.

Really tasty dinner tonight. It might have been enhanced by a good bottle of red wine but since we are in vacation recovery mode, we decide not to. This morning I am glad that we did not give in to the impulse.

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