Rhode Island clam chowder and avocado toast. 10/19/21

This chowder is the brothier cousin of the traditional creamy and thick New England clam chowder. We used to live in Massachusetts and spent several times a year traveling to New Jersey where my parents lived. One time we stopped in Mystic, Connecticut for lunch on the way. We ordered the clam chowder and were surprised by the thin soup we were served. It turns out that this brothier chowder is a southern New England staple. To be honest I have never made the classic New England chowder since this version fits right into my eating regimen these days.

Sometimes I make it with a couple of tablespoons of cream but tonight’s was just made with clam juice and milk. You can sail a slab of toasted bread in it for some more texture. I saved my toast for a schmear of mashed and salted avocado. It was yummy.

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