Sesame salmon bowl. 10/23/21

Our dinner on Saturday is one of the best things we have made lately. It was warm and cool, unctuous and crunchy, salty and sweet and all around delicious.

Salmon on sushi rice with cucumbers, avocados, and cabbage with soy dressing and sprinkled with furikake

Hiding under the cucumbers, cabbage, avocado, and furikake is a perfectly cooked piece of salmon. John used a technique that we saw on America’s Test Kitchen, He brined the salmon in a quart of water with 2 tablespoons of table salt for 20 minutes. After patting it dry he put it in a cast iron frying pan with kosher salt sprinkled on the bottom of the pan. He put the fish in skin side down and cooked it on low heat for about 20 minutes (depending on thickness) or until the top starts to lose its bright orange color and then he flipped the fish flesh side down briefly.

It came out the best we have ever made salmon.

For my part I sliced up the cucumbers and avocados and opened the package of pre-shredded cabbage. (Tough job!) I also made a dressing of soy sauce, white vinegar, sweetener, ginger, and scallions. I added some vinegar and sweetener to some rice we had made earlier in the week to give it a sushi rice vibe. We sprinkled some furikake on top for some extra crunch.

I am sure you will be seeing this dinner on the menu in the future!

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