Mahi mahi fish sticks and coleslaw. 10/25/21

I have started out the week by switching Tuesday’s dinner for Monday’s at the request of our daughter who will be out on Monday but really wants to eat the Afghani dal and is less keen on fish sticks. We aim to please here in Omnivore Kitchen!

Homemade mahi mahi fish sticks with coleslaw

It is not like we are just opening a box of frozen fish sticks. John portions the fish fillets into the shape of batons, coats it with a mixture of lite mayo and yellow mustard, and packs on seasoned breadcrumbs. The sticks are cooked in minimal oil until crispy.

I started the coleslaw by using some shredded cabbage from a bag. I added shredded and sliced carrots, onions, and kale. The dressing is made with lite mayo, cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, celery seed, and salt. It turned out really tasty and we ate every scrap of it.

Originally I was going to make tartar sauce as well. I figured, though, with all the mayonnaise on the coating and in the coleslaw that we were at our lite mayo limit. Eating some of the coleslaw with a bite of the fish was a good tartar sauce substitute.

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