Chicken breast with rutabagas and B. sprouts 12/1/21 (GBTG Day 57)

Rotisserie chicken breast meat with McCormack packet gravy, Instant Pot rutabagas, and sautéed Brussels sprouts

This is what I call my classic chicken dinner. It consists of chicken breast meat, gravy, rutabagas or squash, and a green vegetable. It fits in well to my countdown to Getting Back To Goal (GBTG). Only about 4 PP if you are doing WW.

Although the vegetables take some time what with the peeling and cutting up the rutabaga and slicing the Brussels sprouts, the chicken which is in a pulled chicken breast meat package from Costco only needs to be heated up in the gravy.

I once posted the following picture in jest from The Rutabagan to illustrate how hard a large rutabaga is. I do not recommend using an axe but it is very handy to have someone strong to at least cut it in half.

Rutabagas are hard! But this method is a little over the top!!

I cook the rutabaga under high pressure for 15 minutes in my Instant Pot. After a 10 minute cool down, I release the steam and the rutabaga practically mashes itself. I add a little faux butter and plenty of salt.

I used the same method today as I did yesterday for the Brussels sprouts. I bought two stalks for Thanksgiving and that was a lot of sprouts! Having eaten them three times in the last week they are finally gone. I think we will have a little vacation from sprouts although everyone in the family loves them.

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