Chana masala (chickpeas with tomatoes and spices) 12/14/21

Chana masala with kale and cauliflower/white rice mix

First time making this recipe and like many first time tries it was good but needs some future tweaks to make it better. The spice mixture and the herb mixture need to be amplified. I think cumin seeds need to be added and the hot spiciness needs amping up as well. The hotness was my own fault. The recipe calls for three Thai chiles which I was afraid (still am) to put in. I opted for a Fresno and a Serrano but maybe I should have added some red pepper flakes.

Here is a link to the Food & Wine recipe. Under the list of ingredients they forgot to include one chopped large onion but they talk about it in the instructions. (A little confusing)

This dish has potential. It is pretty tasty as is but as I noted, it could use some improvement. It is also fine for people looking for a healthy, vegan/vegetarian dish that fits into the WW program. Although there are four tablespoons of ghee (we used a combo of butter and olive oil), the total amount that the recipe makes is ample for 6 servings which translates down to 2 teaspoons of fat per person. I served my portion over a white rice/cauliflower mix and raw kale. There was plenty to eat!

I will definitely make this again.

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