Potstickers with bok choy in oyster sauce. 1/1/22

Happy New Year’s Day, 2022! I have now been writing this blog for over 10 years. During this time I have been at a good weight, at a bad weight, and at a good weight again. The cycles of dieting seem endless. I think I have it all taken care of and then it creeps up again. I am currently in the upward creep and I vow not to let it happen again.

I guess that is sort of a resolution. I am going to try to follow my healthy lifestyle again, participate in Dryuary (no alcohol for January), exercise, and eat more plant-based meals. Actually I have been exercising pretty regularly and eating plant-based meals two or three times a week so I just need to continue these good habits.

Potstickers and bok choy with an oyster sauce based dip

To celebrate the first day of the year and to bring ourselves good luck we made potstickers. (And by made I mean we took them out of a bag in the freezer and followed the directions on the package.) Potstickers are supposed to be reminiscent of gold ingots and the bok choy is supposed to look like paper money. So we have the whole financial outlook covered.

In other good luck news, Japanese people have a calendar where they rank the luckiest birthdays of the year down to the most unlucky. My birthday came in number 1!!! And John’s came in number 4!!! So this should be a financially sound and very lucky year for us. Now if only this pandemic would abate!

I hope you are resolute and lucky this year and thank you for following by blog.

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