Chilean sea bass, new potatoes, broc/cauli mix. 1/20/22

Chilean sea bass, new potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower mix

Fancy dinner night for no reason! We buy frozen Chilean sea bass in a bag from Costco and it is an excellent product! John roasts the fish for 15 minutes in a 400F oven. Cooking time depends on the thickness of the fish and he always checks it with a temperature probe at around 12 minutes. He is looking for around 125F but this fish can stand higher temperatures due to its consistency.

I steamed some small new potatoes and was going to cook snow peas when I tasted one of the pods and it had a weird off-putting flavor. John concurred and we pitched them. I had a little cauliflower and broccoli still left in the produce drawer of the refrigerator that I was planning on putting in some soup. I sautéed it up instead in a little butter for tonight’s dinner. It was a tasty substitution.

Chilean sea bass is too pricy to eat every week but having it every two to three weeks makes everyone in the family happy. It is truly a delicious fish.

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