Fusilli arrabbiata with kale. 1/19/22

Fusilli arrabbiata with kale

Probably my favorite dinner of the week, Pasta Wednesday has gotten even better since I started making Al Dente’s Carba Nada pasta. Since it is lower in calories and carbs I can have my three ounce portion with less guilt and less scrimping on my other meals of the day.

This Wednesday’s sauce is super simple. Arrabbiata is supposed to be “angry” sauce and the idea is to make it really spicy with red pepper flakes or chiles. There are very few ingredients. You sauté some onions, garlic, and pepper flakes in a little oil, pour in a 28oz. can of crushed tomatoes, let that simmer for 20 minutes, and finish off heat with some fresh basil and parsley.

I started with a teaspoon of pepper flakes but you can add what level of heat you like. The sauce had a back of the throat burn at that point so we added some shakes of Tabasco and sriracha to add a front of the mouth spiciness as well. Enough sauce is made for four servings or 1 lb. of pasta. I served my pasta over shredded kale to add some color and volume. Omit grated cheese for a vegan dish.

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