A sandwich and soup. 4/2/22

Vegetarian banh mi

Our son came over today to play tennis with John and afterwards we picked up banh mi from Lee’s Sandwiches which is a Vietnamese chain here in California. I love banh mi with its delicate crunchy roll and its pickled vegetables and it’s my favorite choice when we get take-out. I ate the whole sandwich so it put constraints on the rest of my eating day.

For dinner I had the soup I made a few days ago and have been eating for lunch. It is a vegetable soup with some chicken added. Every day I take a portion of it and add a little more chicken and chicken stock plus some fresh vegetables. Today’s freshening included celery, broccoli, and cabbage. With the cabbage addition, a little vinegar seemed like a good idea. It gave the soup a nice tang. I had enough for two bowls and enjoyed it immensely.

Vegetable soup with chicken
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