Vegan! Split chickpea stew with rice and kale 4/1/22

Split chickpea stew (Chana dal) with cauliflower rice and kale

We go back and forth about which of our dal dishes we like better, Afghani dal or Chana dal. I think our favorite is whatever we are currently eating! It is amazing how much flavor you can build with just a few pantry spices, ginger, garlic, dried split chickpeas, a couple of cans of tomatoes, and water.

We make this dish in our Instant Pot. It cooks under pressure for 15 minutes and then we let it cool down naturally for 10 minutes before releasing the rest of the steam. To serve I put a layer of shredded kale in the bottom of the bowl followed by rice. I used cauliflower rice and John had regular white rice. The Chana dal goes on top. I like a little sriracha as a garnish.

Mmm, so good! And since we made a triple recipe there is plenty left over for dinner on Monday!!

Here is a link to a good basic recipe for Chana dal using an Instant Pot.

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