Chicken with gravy, rutabaga, broccoli 5/23/22

Rotisserie chicken with gravy, mashed rutabaga, steamed broccoli

Since it is getting pretty hot out we are trying to keep the kitchen cool by using some convenience foods and the microwave. John made up a packet of chicken gravy and then heated up the rotisserie chicken over a low flame. I cooked the rutabaga in the microwave. It is a hard, tough vegetable so I cut it in fairly small cubes and put the cubes in some water. It took 25 minutes at high power to get the rutabaga tender. I mashed it with a plunge blender leaving some chunks whole. The broccoli took about five minutes of steaming.

This is a very homey kind of dinner with flavors that recall Thanksgiving. Whenever we make it we always say, ”Mmmm, this is so good. We should make it more often.”

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