Chicken with rice mix and broccoli 6/6/22

Chicken with gravy on a rice mix with broccoli

At our house we call this either Classic Chicken or Chicken Monday. When the kids were little I tended to make the same sort of dish on certain days of the week. Monday was always chicken. In fact it became so ingrained that our son still makes chicken on Monday for his family!

This Monday’s chicken is an easy prep using rotisserie chicken and packet gravy. The rice underneath is a combination of half the lentil, rice, farro, chickpea mix from the Egyptian koshari on Saturday and half cauliflower rice. The broccoli is simply steamed. The green sauce on top is some leftover parsley sauce from last week.

It is easy to make a quick, nutritious dinner using part convenience foods, part leftovers, and a fresh vegetable!

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