Simply salad. 8/21/22

Tossed salad

Sunday dinner is supposed to be eggs plus. But I just was not feeling the eggs tonight. So first I thought I would make a salad with some chicken and chickpeas but shredding the chicken seemed like too much work. So I just went with the chickpeas for my protein. I also added cauliflower, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, and red onion. Still it was lacking pizzazz. That it when I decided on the slivered almonds that I had bought earlier in the week. They added some crunch, fat, and protein. For a dressing I used Skinny Girl ranch cut with soy sauce because it is too sweet and a teaspoon of olive oil to give it a better mouth-feel.

To be honest this salad did not fill me up and I raided the refrigerator later. I mashed up a few more chickpeas, added some salt, toasted a pita pocket half and had a satisfying mini-sandwich. Then I went to bed before I got involved with the zucchini cake that our daughter had made earlier!

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