Salmon bowl. 8/22/22

Salmon bowl

We have been making some sort of bowl almost every week. The last one featured tofu but this week our daughter asked for salmon. After a short brine John cooks the salmon on a low flame starting from a cold pan. It takes about 20 minutes with a flip for the last two minutes.

Between the brine and the cook I have plenty of time to get all the other components ready. We each are responsible for heating up our own rice, basmati for our daughter, white rice for John, and cauliflower rice for me. Everything else is cold – shredded cabbage, edamame, cucumber, hot chiles, avocado, and green onions. The dressing is a gingery, soy vinaigrette. The garnish is Furikake.

Our “bowl” dinners are easy to make and keep the kitchen cool on these hot evenings. I think that they are the most popular thing I make so I expect there will be some version of this again next week.

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