Seared shrimp with salsa slaw and cauliflower rice 9/3/22

Seared shrimp, salsa slaw, and tomato-y cauliflower rice

Granted this is not a pretty plate of food but it tasted good. We needed a dinner that would have minimal cooking because it was over 100F. Originally John was going to put the shrimp on skewers and cook them outside on the grill but standing over a hot grill on a super hot day seemed like a bad idea. So he gave them a quick sear in a skillet.

I made salsa slaw which is a combination of light mayonnaise, medium salsa, and cabbage. It is surprisingly good. I topped mine with some thinly sliced basil because we had some left over from our bounty that we made into pesto. The cauliflower rice has some of the salsa in it as well as tomatoes on top. The salsa turned it an unfortunate color but gave it some flavor.

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