Sunday supper salad. 9/4/22

Mixed vegetable salad with tuna and hard-boiled egg

My recent Sunday suppers have been more salad-like and less egg-like. Since it was VERY HOT yesterday, I cooked the egg in the morning and blanched the broccoli in the microwave. Along with the egg and the broccoli I had tomatoes, olives, edamame, red onion, mushrooms, tuna, and three sorts of greens underneath, Romaine, kale, and basil. I dressed my salad with one part olive oil to two parts red wine vinegar. And, of course, plenty of salt and pepper.

I have been on record as saying I do not really like salads. They always seem like so much trouble for so little payback. But my Sunday supper salad was surprisingly good and I might make it again!

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