Fun low-cal lunch. 10/13/22

Chicken zoodle soup

My daughter had some extra zucchini from her plot at the community garden. After she finished making a delicious zucchini cake (which I should have taken a picture of before we ate it), I used the rest to make chicken zoodle soup. I have a little hand zoodler and I made thick noodles out of the zucchini. Then I also zoodled a carrot, and shredded a little cabbage. I cooked the carrots and cabbage first in some chicken stock and at the end put in some rotisserie chicken and the zucchini zoodles. It was really good and the zucchini zoodles did a good job mimicking noodles!

I can see doing this same sort of soup with vegetable stock and extra firm tofu for a vegan lunch. I am going to try it again and add more vegetables for an even heartier soup.

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