Grilled hamburgers with salad 3/2/23

Grilled hamburger on pretzel roll with salad

John did his usual great job grilling the hamburgers. I added a slice of onion, some lettuce and tomato on mine along with ketchup on top and mayo on the bottom. This is the first time using pretzel rolls and the verdict was six thumbs up. I ate my burger with a knife and fork. It was just too slippery to try to hold it in my hand and it would have been gone too fast! Eating finger or hand-held food with a knife and fork is a great diet tip. If you slow down your eating, you will notice that you are getting full and maybe do not need to vacuum up everything on your plate. I often use this technique with tacos. Two open faced tacos are way more filling than two hand-held ones!

Our daughter had some bacon ends in the freezer and I defrosted a small handful and put them into our salad along with tomatoes. The rest of the salad came from a package. Terrible to say but I am much more likely to eat salad if I don’t have to wash, spin, and cut up the lettuce. It is not economic but it is certainly easier.

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