Mac ‘n cheese with coleslaw. 3/6/23

Macaroni and cheese with broccoli, homemade coleslaw

As I mentioned earlier I am taking a break until the end of March so this will be my last post until then. I may write something occasionally if we have an especially interesting dinner.

Monday’s dinner was like a throwback to childhood with a couple of adult twists. The mac ‘n cheese was from the Kraft blue box. It was definitely sweeter than I remember. I added a bunch of broccoli to it which I dropped in with the boiling noodles when they had two minutes left on their timer. John sautéed up some mushrooms and onion to add. These additions plus some shredded parm helped with the sweetness level. (I am totally adverse to sweet flavors. No one else here commented on it tasting sweet.)

I made the coleslaw myself, shredding cabbage, carrot and onion. The saucy part was a combo of mayonnaise, rice wine vinegar, Dijon mustard, celery seed, and salt.

John, our daughter, and I really enjoyed this retro dinner. It was definitely our kind of comfort food!

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