Chilean sea bass, new potatoes, glazed carrots. 3/5/23

Roasted Chilean sea bass, steamed new potatoes, and glazed carrots

A no-egg Sunday! Instead we made delicious Chilean sea bass. Actually John made the fish and I made the vegetables, our usual division of meal prep. He cooked the fish for about 14 minutes in a 400F oven It came out moist and unctuous. I would love to eat it more often but it is so darned expensive.

For my part I steamed new potatoes and glazed some carrots. The potatoes were bigger than usual and took about 25 minutes. I had to add additional water to keep the pan from drying out. The carrots cooked in a little water with a tablespoon of sherry vinegar for fifteen minutes. I took them out of the pan, dumped out the remaining water and made a glaze. This consisted of another tablespoon of sherry vinegar, some minced onion, thyme leaves and a tablespoon of brown sugar. Then I returned the carrots to the pan to glaze them.

We opened a bottle of Imagery White Burgundy to complete our dinner. Sometimes it is fun to have a celebratory dinner for no reason at all!

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