Turkey sausage and vegetable soup or stew? 3/4/23

Turkey sausage and vegetable soup or stew

John and I are a match made in heaven. He likes chicken drumettes and I like the flats when it comes to chicken wings. He likes dark meat and I like white meat. And he likes soup and I like stew. This means whenever I make soup I can take as many vegetables as I like and as little broth as I want and he can have his vegetables swimming around in a bunch of broth. It works out perfectly!

Dinner was a kind of clean out the refrigerator kind of meal. I had four ounces of turkey sausage, some new potatoes, as well as onions, carrots, celery, cabbage, and mushrooms I needed to use. I started by sautéing the mushrooms onions, and half of the sausage pieces in a little oil. Then I added chicken stock and the rest of the vegetables. Towards the end of the cooking I added the rest of the sausage and some parsley. The whole thing took about 25 minutes.

My serving look like stew. Just the way I like it. John’s definitely looked like soup. The best part is that I did not have to feel guilty for eating the majority of the vegetables!

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